Football  is a team sport which consists of 2 halves, each 45 minutes long (total 90 minutes). As a rule, the referee adds a certain time period to each of these halves, which is deemed a part of these halves. The break between 1st and 2nd halves is 15 minutes. Two teams participate in the game with 11 players per side, including the goalkeeper. The game is held on a grass field. The objective of the game is to hit the other team’s goal by passing the ball to each other, in other words to score a goal. Transfers are made mostly by feet, using hands is not permitted. The winner is the team which scores more goals during the game. If during 2 halves the teams score goals in equal amounts, then according to the regulations 2 cases apply:

1. A draw is recorded, which occurs on the stages of those tournaments or competitions where points are calculated: 3 points are given to the team for a win, 1 point for a draw, and no points for a defeat. This outcome is also possible in friendly matches.

2. An overtime of 2 halves, each 15 minutes long (total 30 minutes), is assigned. If the overtime fails to determine a winner, penalty shootouts are assigned to determine the winner of the match. This case occurs on those stages of the tournaments or competitions where no points are awarded to the teams, and the purpose is to determine which team wins the match and which team passes to the next stage of the tournament (e.g. 1/8 finals, 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals, finals, etc.), or which team becomes the final winner (if it wins in the finals).

During the match the teams are allowed to substitute the players. In official meetings the number of such replacements is 3, in friendly matches that number can be increased by mutual agreement.
Player is in "offside" position if at the moment of getting the transfer from his teammate

1. He is in the opponent's half of the field,

2. He is nearer to his opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second last opponent (the goalkeeper is

usually the last).

In case of rule violations a shot is assigned. For rough violations a player is shown a yellow card, and for the most flagrant violations he is shown a red card. In case of a 2nd yellow card the player is shown a red card. A player with a red card is removed from the field. In case a player violates rules in his half of the field, penalty shots are assigned in favor of the opposing team.
In case the ball goes  out of the bound ("out"), the opponent of the team which last touched the ball  receives a free kick, and in case the ball goes  out of the bound the front line(the gate) either goal kick  or corner kick is assigned (depending on which team last touched the ball).